Mugs/Tumblers Logo

25% of all adults own logoed drink ware. That’s a stat worth raising a drink to!!

Pens – Giveaway

Pens remain the most popular promotional item for one good reason; “People use them a lot!” About 93% of the adult population cites the pen as useful.

Style & Practicality

Wearables have many styles and are made of different materials. When choosing your perfect option consider durability, comfort, and easily washable at home by the end user. These are some of your priorities during purchase.

Polo — Style with Logo

Polos play a key part in the wearables industry.  Branding your company logo can be done on the left chest or other areas of the shirt; like the sleeves and collar.

Fun in the Office

A fun workplace creates engaged employees in an above average level of productivity.

“Value” Promotions

Value is a keyword.  Not all customers place value on the same things.  Some want the cheapest price, some want personal attention, and some want speed-RUSH Service.  What’s your value?

Service is the #1 Value

Instead of assuming your employees know that customer service is important; the leaders of each company need to communicate frequently that service is top priority.  Embedding this into their culture is a way to start.  Service is taking action to create value.

Mistakes?? Team Effort

When problems happen and mistakes are made; the winner is the professional who says, “I’ll take it” no matter what position you hold in the company.  It is a team effort.

Think Long Term Partnership

Forward-thinking companies know it’s not all about the sale or transaction.  They’re looking to actively cultivate a long term partnership with their customers.